Invention Convention

ATTENTION: Due to the temporary closure of CPS schools, the Lenart Invention Convention and the Chicago Invention Convention will be held ONLINE.

All projects are required to be presented over video produced using the "LumieLabs" platform. Guidelines can be found here.

Student videos are due April 7th to be considered for the online Chicago Invention Convention. They should be turned in via the Invention Convention Google Classroom.


To create an account at LumieLabs:

  • QUICK START: Students and teachers use this Access ID and Passcode to access the software with a general account.
    • Access ID: chicago
    • Password: innovations
  • CREATE PERSONAL ACCOUNT Once you access the main account, you can then create individual accounts for you or your students by clicking Sign In and Create Account. You can create individual accounts with personalized emails and passwords. Creating a personal account unlocks the full features of LaunchPacks and allows you to save.

All tutorials and information on how to create your LumieLabs video can be found here:

I've attached a Guided Tour of LumieLabs below.


Thanks so much for your interest in the 2020 Lenart Invention Convention (IC)! Students in grades K-7 have the option of participating in the Invention Convention. A number of winners from our IC will move on to the Chicago Student Invention Convention, and may have the option to move on to the National Invention Convention held in Dearborn, Michigan.