Support STEM @ Lenart

If you'd like to support the STEM program at Lenart Regional Gifted Center, there are lots of ways to help!

Donations to the desktop computer lab are much appreciated! I am also the technology coordinator, so I have a frequent need for new screens or keyboards to replace broken Chromebook parts and computer mice that have met their end.

If you'd like to donate to the computer lab, I've created an Amazon Wishlist of wants and needs.

Parents who are available and willing to donate their time to help out with either classroom tasks or tech tasks are greatly appreciated! You can help me support students using a mouse for the first time, help me install software on 31 desktops, or other tasks as needed.

Volunteering at Lenart requires approval by CPS. If you are not yet a volunteer, read below.

All parent volunteers must complete a volunteer application. This includes parents who may be interested in attending a field trip with their child’s class, or providing assistance with supervision, or administrative tasks at the school. You can begin the application process here. I thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping all of our children safe.

When completing the volunteer application process, parents can select to be a Level 1 or Level 2 volunteer.

Level 2 volunteers will only be able to provide volunteer services that does not directly involve students (ie making copies, organizing materials) If a Level 2 volunteer works with students, a teacher or CPS employee must be present at all times (ie speaking to a class, volunteering in the classroom).

Level 1 volunteers will be able to provide volunteer services that involve working with students that does not require the presence of a teacher at all times. (ie going on a field trip and supervising a small group, working with small groups of students in school) Level 1 volunteers will need to complete fingerprinting and a TB test.

If you're available and willing to help out in some fashion, please contact me using the form below: